M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. provides superior market knowledge, action-oriented independent advice, and innovative structures and solutions.

Our team is efficient and results-oriented, and the work we do is confidential.

Please contact us to request a description of the types of transactions we have originated or advised. We will also be pleased to provide client references. 

Special Note:   M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. is not a “broker-dealer” and will not recommend the purchase or sale of securities.  In our investment banking practice, we are pleased to advise clients in connection with the sale of certain or all of the assets of a business (or, if the parties agree, all of the equity capital of a business).   These conditions apply to sell-side advisory assignments:  (1) Our firm has a specified role in the negotiations between the seller and potential purchasers (or their representatives) as described in our engagement letter; and, our firm will not have the power to bind either party in the transaction; (2) all clients represented by M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. must be a “going concern” and not a “shell organization”; (3) a selling company must have 500 or fewer full-time employees (fewer than 1000 employees for certain industries, all as specified in the small business size regulations issued by the U.S. SBA); (4) only assets will be marketed or otherwise offered for sale; (5) if the transaction is effected by means of securities, it will be a conveyance of all of the business’s equity securities to a single purchaser or group of purchasers formed without the assistance of our firm; (6) our firm will not recommend the purchase or sale of any security, will not advise the parties whether to issue securities, or otherwise to effect the transfer of the business by means of securities, or assess the value of any securities sold (other than by valuing the assets of the business as a going concern); (7) our firm’s compensation will be determined prior to the decision on how to effect the sale of the business, i.e., it is based upon the transaction value received by the seller, regardless of the means used to effect the transaction and will not vary according to the form of conveyance (i.e., securities rather than assets); (8) our fees are to be received in the amounts and at the times as described in an engagement letter; and (9) our firm will not assist purchasers with obtaining financing.


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