For our own account, the firm originates and sponsors targeted principal transactions. We draw on our close relationships with managers of $14 billion in private equity, and we can rapidly connect a strong management team with sources of capital. In these merchant banking transactions, we act as a principal.

A targeted project must usually meet certain well-defined investment criteria, including:

  • a seasoned and capable management team
  • defensible cash flows
  • leadership positions in a market or niche
  • high or unusual barriers to entry
  • exceptional focus on expense management
  • the potential to grow through acquisition, and
  • an emphasis on quality and integrity throughout the enterprise.

If you are participating in a transaction as a corporate owner, a business manager or adviser, please do not hesitate to contact us for our advice or potential assistance.

If you are an independent deal sponsor, or a lender or professional service provider in this dynamic industry, please consider joining the Linked In group that we moderate: The Independent Deal Sponsors Network.