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Michael Alcamo quoted in Light Reading, "T-Mobile to buy Shentel's wireless biz, but the price isn't set yet," August 27, 2020.

Niche Media LLC Republished Our Six-Part Series of Articles, "How to Sell Your Media Business," May 2019.

Multichannel News, "WHDT-DT West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce FL Sold to Scripps Television for $25 Million," April 5, 2019.  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. Advised Marksteiner AG (US), Inc. and the Shareholders of WHDT-DT.

[Confidential], Q1 2019, Leading PBS Group Signs Channel-Share Agreement.   M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. Advised the Sharer Station in a Renewable 10-Year Transaction.

Q1 2019, Three Angels Broadcasting Network Sells W23DE-D in Lima OH.  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. Advised Three Angels Broadcasting Network in the Transaction.

The Dalton (GA) Daily Citizen, "North Georgia Television Sells WDNN-CD and WDGA-CD to Troy Hall," December 18, 2018.  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. advised North Georgia Television, the Seller.

RBR/ TVBR, "North Georgia LPTV Headed to Hall," September 17, 2018.  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. Advised North Georgia Television, the Seller.

RBR/ TVBR, "HC2 Strikes Again With Two Station Buys, WGCE-CD and WVTT-CD," August 22, 2018.   M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. Advised Woodland Communications, LLC and Stellar Communications, LLC, the Sellers.

Broadcasting & Cable, "If You Listened to This Analyst's Report You'd be Wealthy," March 20, 2018, concerning a research report by M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc., "Vermont PBS Gains $56 Million From Sale in Spectrum Auction," February 17, 2017.

Vermont Public Radio, "Vermont PBS Gets Transformational $56 Million For Sale of FCC License," February 17, 2017.  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. Advised Vermont PBS.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "WQED Reaps $9.9 Million in Frequency Auction," February 10, 2017.  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. Advised WQED Multimedia.

Current, "Auction Clearing Target Signals Potential for High Payouts," May 5, 2016.

Current, "It’s Time for TV Stations to Decide About the Spectrum Auction, March 29, 2015.

Billy Ray Locklear Evangelistic Association Voluntarily Transfers WLPS-CD to Dilicast Broadcast Services LLC, its Creditor, Signs Lease for Use of Tower.  September 10, 2017.  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc., Advised Dilicast Broadcast Services LLC, the Creditor.

[Confidential].  Four Closed Pre-Auction Television Station Sales Transactions in Florida, North Carolina.  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. Advised the Sellers.

Broadcasting & Cable, "Station Biz Seeks Freedom from M&A Freeze," April 4, 2011.

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TVNewsCheck, "ION Buying WQEX Pittsburgh," November 8, 2010.

Broadcasting & Cable, "ION Media Networks to Buy WQEX," November 8, 2010.  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc., represented WQED Multimedia, the seller, in this transaction.

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News Release, "Babcox Acquires Motorcycle Product News," April 7, 2010, "The $4 Billion Election," February 6, 2010.  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. Report Indicates that "End to Tax Cuts Could Cut into M&A Profits," February 4, 2010.

M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. - Client Advisory - Potential Sellers are Advised to Plan for End of 2010 Tax Changes, February 4, 2010.

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M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. - Report on Broadcast Markets Likely to Benefit from 2010 Political Advertising Expenditures, January 26, 2010

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Note: Follow up -- "The Recession Has (Officially) Ended", The New York Times, September 18, 2010.

Time Inc. to Sell Direct Marketing Business, Folio: Magazine, January 21, 2009.

Private Equity in the Czech Republic,, August 8, 2008, by Michael C. Alcamo and Marc P. Baudry.

Three Deals in Three Months. News release regarding Q2 2008.

News Release, June 30, 2008, "Oser Communications Group Acquires Gourmet News."

Transaction Announcement, June 30, 2008, United Publications, Inc. has sold Gourmet News.  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. advised United Publications, Inc.

Folio Magazine, June 30, 2008, "Trade Publisher Acquires Gourmet News."

News Release, June 9, 2008, "Big Earth Publishing Acquires Telluride Publishing."

Transaction Announcement, June 9, 2008, Telluride Publishing, Inc. has sold Telluride Magazine.

Folio Magazine and MIN Online, June 9, 2008, "Big Earth Publishing Acquires Telluride Magazine."  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. advised Telluride Publishing, the Seller.

Folio Magazine, April 26, 2008, "M&A Sources: Breaking up RBI a Good Idea."

MIN Online, April 25, 2008, "Trade Publication Leader Acquires Kitchenware News."

Folio Magazine, April 25, 2008, "Kitchenware News sold to Trade Publisher."

News Release, April 25, 2008, "Oser Communications Group Acquires Kitchenware News."

Transaction Announcement, April 25, 2008, ELM Communications Inc. has sold Kitchenware News & Housewares Review.  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. represented ELM Communications, Inc., the Seller.

Folio Magazine, April 14, 2008, "2008 M&A Outlook: Middle Market, Strategics and Digital to Play Bigger Roles."

Folio Magazine, November 2, 2007, "Randall-Reilly Acquires Two Transportation Construction Titles."

News Release, November 2, 2007, "Randall-Reilly Acquires Better Roads and Aggregates Manager."

Transaction Announcement, November 2, 2007, Randall-Reilly Acquires Better Roads and Aggregates Manager.  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. represented James Informational Media, Inc., the Seller.

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The Daily Deal, November 11, 2006, "Reilly acquires two B2B publishers,"  M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. Advised James Informational Media, Inc., the Seller.

Folio Magazine, November 3, 2006, "Texas Publisher Acquires Hanley-Wood's American Dream Homes." M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. Advised MMG and Mark Hulme, the Purchaser.

The Daily Deal, November 3, 2006, "Prism Pays $530M for Penton" concerning recent acquisition of Penton Media LLC.

Alt Assets, September 6, 2006, "Private Capital Markets in Poland: A third wave of opportunity and challenge," by Michael Alcamo.

Folio Magazine, August 10, 2006, "Banta Receives Unsolicited Takeover Bid," concerning the proposed acquisition of Banta Corporation by Cenveo Corporation.

The Daily Deal, August 8, 2006, "Movers and Shakers: Private Equity People," reporting on the launch of our firm.

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Warsaw Business Journal, February 20, 2006, "Baltic Sailing.", February 20, 2006, "Jana Kazimierza International Trade Centrum is Sold."   M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. Advised Baltic Investments Limited, the Seller.