Case Studies

M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. was founded on April 7, 2000.  In April, 2020, we undertook a three-month upgrade and redesign of our web presence, and our site went live on July 2, 2020.  It will take us a few weeks to re-populate our site with transaction announcements and case studies.

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EBS Licenses (2.5 GHz Wireless Licenses)

Since the establishment of its UHF/VHF M&A practice in 2007, M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. has maintained extensive expertise in radiofrequency spectrum transactions.  In 2018, the firm was retained to monitor the FCC's rulemaking in Docket 18-120, "Transforming the 2.5 GHz Band," the FCC's initiative to unlock valuable midband spectrum for commercial use.  The firm completed a comprehensive assessment of spectrum holdings for three PBS/educational licensees.  Soon thereafter, the firm was retained by several leading educational non-profits that hold EBS licenses.  Clients asked us to evaluate their strategic options, assess purchaser interest, and recommend tactical approaches to achieving a best and highest valuation for their licenses.

In October, 2019, the firm published its white paper "Status and Opportunities for Holders of EBS Spectrum."  The firm's March, 2020 white paper addressed valuation changes resulting from skyrocketing demand for 4G and 5G resources -- as American families worked remotely and were educated from home during the quarantine.

The new regulations became effective April 27, 2020.  As of July, 2020, M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. is actively engaged by more than ten significant holders of EBS spectrum in planning for long-term leases or sales expected to conclude in Q3 and Q4 2020.